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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Part 1

Sometimes you just want something.  You think about it, dream about, Pin it, talk it over with friends etc.  Then, one day you decide to stop talking about it and just do it.  I am!  Woo!  For years and years I have wanted to create a headboard for our master bed.  We have never really put money into furnishings because we move all. the. time.  Our furniture is often gifted to us by family members who are upgrading (thank you!) or found on Craigslist, etc.  My first brand new, for me piece of furniture came last year when we bought a gigantic table from IKEA.  It is beautiful, simple, and opens up to fit as many airman as our house can hold.  That makes me happy.

I have always loved the idea of redoing furniture, but have found it to be time consuming, often expensive, and hard work.  That being said, I am not afraid to slap a coat of paint on a piece of hardwood (gasp!), rough it up, and add it to our ever growing collection of eclectic furniture.  Right, back to the bedroom - teehee.

We don't have a headboard or a footboard.  Mr. B. and I have a very nice mattress set that we bought before we had children.  It rests on a simple metal frame - the one the mattress store threw in for us.  It works and has worked for years.  However, we finally have a house (that we rent) and the space to have a "real" bedroom.  I do still have to share the space with our little homemade movie theater and the office, but a good two thirds of the room is master bedroom. 

So - this idea that has been bumping around in my head is finally about to come to light.  I bought a door...a big, heavy, worn out, solid oak French door.  I wanted it so badly that I didn't even barter.  In fact, I paid the retired military man that loaded it into my very french fry filled van an extra $5 for helping me out and ignoring the mess. :) 

Right now, I have about 2 percent patience.  The kids just got off the bus and I am completely shirking after school responsibilities to get these thoughts out to the two of you that actually read my blog.  Ha!  I am dying to run to Lowe's, get my four by fours and hardware, run to this new boutique hardware store that sells Ahhhmazing paints, and come home to my beautiful door and tear it apart.  But alas, reality has taken hold and I will wait until tomorrow.  Here's the official door before it makes its transformation into excellence!  Anybody wanna babysit???