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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know, I know.  It's October and my last post was in August!  Whew!  There has been quite a lot of change going on in our lives and this post is a recap.

1. Kevin and I packed the house in GA into two storage units.
2. We parted ways at the end of August to make our way to New Mexico and North Dakota.
3. The kids and I moved in with my mom in ND for the duration of Kev's TDY.
4. Kev started flight school in NM.
5. Kristjan started Pre-K.
6. I started art school full time.
6.5 The van started kachunking.
6.5b The estimate is scary.
7. Kids started AWANA program at church.  Now I have my homework and theirs!
8. Jenn - my sis in law- had a baby boy (cute as can be!)
9. I realized that I lost my mind somewhere between GA and ND and am running in circles.
10. My new Holga camera arrived and I shot my very first roll of 120 film.  :)
11. I am impatiently awaiting the 15th of October when Kevin is going to surprise the kids with a visit.

Okay - so when I write it down, it's not that bad.  Well, aside from the transmission in the van.  I signed up for a card class to get the creative juices flowing again.  Also, having that Holga arrive in the mail today was a life saver.  It was seriously the first time I have felt really creative in over two months.  It seems as if life is getting in the way of my art and I'm not sure how to re-balance it all.  (As always, any suggestions are appreciated!)

This semester I have a shooting class, which will help with the creativity thing...I hope.  I have to turn in 40 usable images a week and bulk up my stock portfolio.  Life will not slow down, I guess I just have to speed up.

I need a mantra....

I think I can, I think I can, just isn't cutting it anymore!

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