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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Life Lesson

Today started out all wrong.  We are moving and as anyone who has moved with little kids knows - moving is stressful.  The morning was going okay considering the daunting task of getting all of the stuff we accumulated in just five weeks jammed into our minivan to head over to TLF (temporary housing) on Kirtland AFB.  Honestly, you would not believe the stuff.  It was going to take two trips at least.

Kev went out to get the van ready as I had begun making a mountain of boxes and random bags at the front door, only to come back in and say that I needed to come here and see this.  He was very serious, which is unlike him, so I followed him out front to find that the side window of our minvan was smashed in.  My heart sank.  Kev had checked everything over and said amazed that nothing was missing.  However, I knew that wasn't the truth.  My camera bag that he bought me for our anniversary last year (the very bag I blogged about) was gone.  Inside was $8,000 of my camera equipment including my DSLR, lenses, meter, flash, cards, etc.  I was devastated. 

I literally fought back tears and began to shake.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I have always trusted people to do the right thing and have never had an issue with my belongings being destroyed and stolen right out front of my house.  This was a new feeling - violation.  I felt violated, then angry, then thankful that it was just stuff that was insured and could be replaced.  It is not an easy thing to experience loss. 

After spending the rest of the day filing police reports, insurance claims, and at the bodyshop, God taught me something.  I lost a camera today.  Last week, people lost their family members and entire neighborhoods.  I have to wait to get a new camera until things can get sorted out.  Those people have to figure out where they are going to live, where their next meal is coming from, and how to carry on for the sake of their children.  I am blessed and God has a plan.  He hasn't revealed it all to me yet, but I know deep down inside that He will take care of us, no matter the situation. 

At the start of the day, I was angry with the person that did this to me, but in the end, I am thankful that God will take care of it.  He works in mysterious ways and will continue to watch over us throughout this crazy journey.

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  1. Girl, what an amazing lesson that is. But, the heartbreak seems to really take over in the moment, doesn't it? So glad you're all okay and that your things are insured. Keep blessing people with your love and your gifts!!