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Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Lady

So the last time we chatted, I was sewing things backwards!  I'm pleased to say that everything turned out perfectly and here are the photos to prove it!  Stella is modeling the Skip and Play Pants and the Daphne wrap top by The Cottage Mama, which are soon to be offered as pre-order in the Etsy shop.

I think she is writing her first novella.  What do you think?

This might just be my most favorite picture of Stella ever.
Back of the wrap shirt.

Front of the wrap shirt.

Detail shot of her capris.

Chasing the geese - because she can!

This is the Gossie and Gertie shot.  

So sweet!

It seems that every time I get behind the camera, I miss it more.  I have branched out in so many crafty areas that sometimes my true passion (photography) gets the short end of the stick.  This mini session in the oppressive heat yielded some great shots and I'm wondering if it would be as much fun with someone else's kid.  I haven't shot others in a long while and am throwing around the idea of maybe doing mini sessions after supper or on the weekends this summer....I'm thinking lemonade stand, wagon/bike wash, sweet sunsets, families, etc.  This could be fun or a crazy hair-brained idea.  I'm sure my hubby will let me know which it is! Ha!  Just for giggles though - what do you think?



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