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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back

As to fill in the last few months of what may seem adventurous, I shall give you a brief history.

The kids and I moved to North Dakota to be with my family while Kevin was in training with the Air Force.  All was well and we enjoyed a lovely winter until I got sick...really sick.  I stayed in the hospital for a week with pancreatitis and still wasn't better.  Wonderful friends filled in as "mom" for me with the kids and my and sister really stepped up their roles. 

I saw doctor after doctor and was in serious pain for about two months.  I lost 25 pounds (yay - but not the way any of us want to lose the weight).  No one really knew what the heck was wrong with me, just that something was wrong and needed fixing.  Kev ended up leaving school to bring us all back to North Carolina to our brother's hospital where I would be treated like a queen.

After another round of doctors and tests, I got a surgical consult to get my gallbladder taken out.  It was a long shot, but everyone was confident that it was going to work, including me.  To make a treacherously long story short - I had my gallbladder removed, recovered, and am now back to normal.  Woo!

Exactly one week ago, we packed up the cars and moved cross-country to New Mexico for Kev to finish his schooling.  I am back to going to school full-time and we are all adjusting to our temporary life in New Mexico.  Tuscon is still on the horizon and we are all awaiting some serious relaxation.

Many friends and family helped us during this time and we could not be any more grateful for the love, support, and prayers; not to mention the families that let us into their homes for months on end.  You guys are truly the best.  xoxo

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