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Monday, April 22, 2013

Be a Helper

Everyone knows about Boston and all the heartache that has happened in this city over the last week.  There have been so many images, quotes, and new stories that have focused on the event that it has been hard to deal with.  One thought that keeps bumping around in my brain is Mr. Rogers' quote reminding us to look for the helpers.  He is totally right.  When all is going wrong, it is important to look for the helpers and to be a helper.  

I teamed up with Sassy Steals and Kiss the Toad Creations to be a helper.  Along with other graphics designers from all over the country, we are doing a small thing that hopefully with change the lives of 384 boys and girls at the Boston Children's Hospital.  Everyone has a job!

  Prints for BOSTON -- Imagine Print
Here's Mine!

1.  The graphics designers made the designs
2.  Sassy Steals is selling those designs for $4.99
3.  You buy a design for yourself, your mom, your dad, your kid, etc.
3.  Kiss the Toad Creations uses every $4.99 to make a super hero cape for a child at BCH.
4.  A child at BCH gets a cape and feels like super hero who can accomplish anything!
5.  Warm fuzzies for everyone!  Wooo!

So - you have the info and know where to go (  Get going and make a difference!  Plus - you get a totally rad  digi print out of it.  

  Prints for BOSTON -- Rain Print
Madison Design Studio

  Prints for BOSTON -- Whale Print
Livy Love Designs

What should I do with this rad digi print you ask...
  • Frame it!
  • Put it on a t-shirt!
  • Give it away to Mom for Mother's Day - she'll be impressed!
  • Scrap it!
  • Make it your desktop background!
  • Make cards at your favorite printer!
  • Do whatever you want!
Be a Helper!  


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