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Sunday, May 5, 2013

To the Maxi

It's getting to be that time of year where all you ladies are venturing out into the sun in your dresses.  I have not been a dress wearer in years.  It mostly stems from many years in private school where the only option I had was to wear a dress (with itchy tights) and leather t-straps.

This is me - circa 1985.  Apparently, the apple basket was a prop.  :)

Now, that doesn't mean I don't like dresses, it just means that I am beyond particular about the dresses I like.  I know what fits my shape and what flatters my good points.  I feel as though the 50s shirt dress is just right for me.  It has support for my girls (a bra is a must!) and can be brought in at the waste giving me that oh so desired hour glass figure.

So - here's the challenge:  Can we find dresses for this season that are flattering and appropriate for an everyday mom?

What's appropriate you ask?

1.  Must be worn with a bra - preferably not strapless (who can keep those puppies up???)

2.  Must be flattering or at least cute enough that we look forward to wearing it.

3.  Must be durable enough to withstand snot, poo, tears, and potentially puke (not mine - the littles!)

4.  Must be simple enough to construct so that if the littles do ruin it I don't' feel like I just wasted a week's salary and time.

Here are a few that I found that meet my criteria.  Feel free to add your own dresses and patterns in the comments below.  I would love to know what you think is most important in a dress.

Ahhhmazing dress made from a sheet - yes a bed sheet!

This beauty is from Running with Scissors.  It's divinely perfect if you ask me.  There's a tutorial too!

A simple tank dress that is truly fantastic!

Just add fabric length to your shirt.  Your tanks fit you, so this is functional and sexy!  Tank Maxi from A Small Snippet


Anna Maria Horner does it again with her Empire Maxi.  It has great straps and can be altered to be chevron or not, short or long!

Which dresses are you looking forward to this season?  Who wants me to make one for them?



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