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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game Day

It's officially football season in our house.  You can tell because the giant Michigan flag graces our front door, the small banner hangs in my studio window (because it faces the road), and everyone is decked out in their maize and blue.

We are a Michigan home.  What?  You grew up in Wisconsin you might say.  Well, the thing is, my dearest husband is a die hard - maize blooded - get all up in arms about Michigan sports - Wolverine's fan.  So, today is pretty important.  Basically, when the game starts, everything is put on hold.  We all gather and watch the kickoff and as the game gets going, the snacks come out.  However, Mr. B. will eat nothing during the game.  He is too wrapped up in the excitement to even consider a delicious snack.

Is there a party?  Usually no.  As a military family, we move around a bit and for the last seven years we were in the heart of SEC country with his entire family (asides from one hold out who shall not be named) who cheered endlessly for their Dawgs.  My kids can yell Go Dawgs like a true Georgian!

Now, we are in OSU/OU territory.  The only thing I have gleaned so far is that everyone around here hates the Longhorns...which is kind of funny to me.  I happen to think that the Longhorns are pretty cool.  After all, I am a Matthew McConaughey fan, and they have the next winningest program behind Michigan, and we got a hand me down Longhorns t-shirt.  You can see how my affiliations to sports form???

It's hard not to like this guy...

In the end, I am still a Badger.  I will always be a Badger.  Just the other day I was trying to teach the kids the fight song because all we get around here is Maize Rage and Hail to the Victors.  They tried.  Bless them all.  Connor tried the hardest I think because he knew it was somehow important to me.  When it all boils down, it is just a game, but fierce loyalty is something I am proud my children have. They love their dad and in his excitement have found a love for his team, which is now our team.

To all the football fans out there - cheer hard, play nice, and remember there's always next Saturday.



Sweet Stella showing off her newest Crafty Betty Michigan dress.

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