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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Portfolio Madness

I am an art student.  I am about to tomorrow.  I am beyond excited because as many of you other students or former students know, graduation is like the holy grail.  We work so hard (in most cases) to achieve this goal so we can feel fulfilled and accomplished...and then get a pay back all the student loans we took out.  Ha!

For the last six weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on my portfolio and today I wrapped it up.  I am so pleased with the results and thought y'all would like a chance to see what I do.

Collage Portfolio Cover

Close up - I made a rub on of my logo - tutorial coming

The bamboo portfolio I wanted was $300.  So - I made one...out of a cardboard box!

Basically, every graphics designer has a digital portfolio and a flat fold portfolio.  They are tailored to the job/client.  I have to versions and I chose to go artsy fartsy with this one.  The branding is carried throughout the portfolios, my resume, website etc.

Here are a few pages in the flat fold.

Logo work

Mixed Media

Hand Drawn Lettering/Typography

There's a ton more, but unless you want to hire me, there's no reason to see it!  Ha!  If you DO want to hire me, I'm available to work on your logo, digi design, collage, marketing plan, etc.! Drop me a line at


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