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Saturday, October 26, 2013

This Week in Crafting

This week has been a steady crafting week for me.  I have been fortunate enough to have good friends and fun projects all week.  I am smack in the middle of Christmas creations (gasp!)  I know, it's not even Halloween yet, but when you make clothing and run a boutique, you HAVE to stay ahead of the curve.  I keep getting emails reminding me how many days until Christmas.  Eek!  That works as an automatic countdown to the half way point of this TDY.  Not bad!

On to this week's fun!

I started the week off in the Dollar Spot at Target.  It's pretty much my favorite place ever.  I challenged myself with a re-purposing project this week.  I took canvas wine bags with awesome typography and made them into a Thanksgiving table runner. This project rang in under $4 with a coupon and using old supplies from home!  Woo!

This one cracked everyone up.  Then, all the kids asked what gobble meant.  That was a funny conversation and then of course learning to wobble and gobble like a turkey.

Every year I manage to find Easter or Halloween buckets at Wal-Mart for $1.  I didn't look too hard this year and really didn't have anything planned until I ran across a blog challenge from Ellison Lane.  It was from back in July, but everyone was talking about how cute the bags were.  I had the fabric on hand and started cutting.  Of course, I didn't read all the directions all the way through...which we all know is a no-no.  In turn, I ended up making my own version of the quilted Halloween bag.  The kids picked their fabrics and I quilted their designs.  It was a super quick and rewarding project.


On Wednesday, I went to an art class with my friend and her daughter.  I totally thought we picked the typography class and was all ready to paint my ampersand, but as it turned out, we picked the swirly tree.  I put book pages under mine and plan to add some buttons to the tree and hang it for Christmas.  :)

Mr. Connor is the unfortunate child that receives all the hand me downs from his big bro.  For whatever reason at 5 years old, Kristjan busted through just about every pair of pants I ever got him.  Most of them were turned into cut offs one summer, but a few select pairs made it in the box for Connor.  I recently bought a ton of felt on sale for a mermaid project for Miss Stella and thought a monster patch would be a good way to make his torn jeans look new and special again.  He picked the face and together we patched up the hole.  He has already brought me all his other jeans requesting aliens and more monsters.  Hooray!

I had one graphics project this week with a special request from my sister.  They moved into a swanky new house and they needed a classy moving card to go along with the new address.   They are big Georgia fans, so there was no question that their design would be red and black.  I used a fabric that she liked a lot and made a ribbon embellishment with a medallion.  It is ready to post on Facebook and print 4x6 photos to include in her Christmas card.  

It has been a productive week and that's exactly what I needed to keep my mind off Mr. B. being out of country.  We are doing great and have a bunch of fun fall activities planned this weekend.  I can't wait to see the leaves start to turn here.  Mr. B. is solving global problems and doing his own laundry (which is super attractive if you ask me).  :) 



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