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Monday, July 26, 2010

that box marked creativity

Do you ever have that feeling of everything turning upside down and you are still right side up?  I swear I'm stuck in Inception.  We just got orders to Tucson, Arizona.  I feel excited, unsure, crazy, absolute, relieved, and exhausted all at once, but mostly ecstatic.  I am also full of dread.  I know what lies ahead.  Those brown boxes are looming over me right now - waiting to be filled with all my treasures and stored in a lonely garage for months before our actual move date next year.  You see, we have a move before a move.  Yep - Kev goes off to gunner school in New Mexico and the kids and I make a trek across the Midwest to North Dakota until he is finished with school.  We are talking at least six months in between moves.

Amidst all this, I find myself caught with the obsessive attitude of just getting everything packed and cleaned, but have six more weeks of living in this house to accomplish first.  It's a catch 22.  In a fit of adrenaline I took all the photos off the living room walls only to find the echo of my own voice bouncing off those very walls was too haneous to bear!  Since that moment, I have tried to gain perspective, slow down a bit, and allow everyone to adjust to the idea of moving. 

Needless to say, the creative flair I want to prosper has been burried in the craftroom under a mountain of labeled boxes.  I have ideas bumping around in my brain and am inspired by what I see and the new toy I picked up at the Expo - a Pazzle's Inspiration!  (I know right?)  I suppose this will make for an intersting entry in my summer of love journal.  I have to promise myself a moment to be creative or I just might burst.  And who wants to clean up that kind of mess?  Not me - I already have enough to do.


  1. I´ll clean up your mess anytime! But, since I don´t really have the energy to do it, please don´t make one. How´s that?

  2. Kat - I suppose I will refrain from making any more messes. What's that saying about breaking eggs to make a cake? :)