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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blind Hem Hell

How many of you have ever tried to tackle the blind hem stitch?  It's that one that looks oh so professional and is hardly noticeable.  You will mostly find it on dress pants, curtains, and even skirts.

The blind hem is the holy grail of finishing techniques as far as I'm concerned.  For years I have searched the Internet far and wide looking for a tutorial that showed that fabric flip required to get it just right.  Most tutorials have been all about hand sewing, which is not my thing.  I have four kids for cryin' out loud!  Who has time to hand stitch anything these days?  

Well, today in an attempt to finally finish my Lilly Pulitzer Mimosa inspired seersucker skirt, I decided to go for the blind hem.  It's a high end inspired skirt and it needs that polished look to really sell the look.  Again, I ventured into my usual places for tutorials and stumbled across one that is solid gold!

Thank you Ashley at Make It & Love It!  Your tutorial finally makes sense and gives me the high quality pictures of every step to get this technique mastered!  Plus there's a bonus - her tutorial is WITH a sewing machine!  Woohoo!

Quick - now you can finally hem those pants that you can only wear with heels!  I'll be in the studio...ripping out my mistakes.



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