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Monday, May 13, 2013

Braggy McBraggerton

Today is HOT in Oklahoma.  The kids keep running outside and jumping on the trampoline for a few minutes and then coming back in bringing all that hot air with them.  Ugh.  I have spent my time today split between the endless piles of laundry and a couple of projects on my to do list.  I feel accomplished - I'm not gonna lie.  You hear that?  It's me blowing my own horn. *toot toot*  But, honestly, if I can't do that here, then what the heck do I have a blog for...right? :)

Accomplishment #1:  Wait for it - the blind hem!  Wahoo!  This is seriously a big deal for me.


Wrong again.

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.  Nobody!

Blind hem on the underside!

Correct again!
Blind hem on the outside!  See how "invisible" it is!!!

I made this dress on Saturday for my niece.  This whole seersucker theme is for their family pictures on the beach!  She liked the dress, but required a little something to girl it

Accomplishment #2:  Shabby Chic Fabric Flower
I think it turned out divine!  It's removable and can be put on the strap, the waistline, or in her hair.  
Girliness unlocked!

And last but not least was a new one for Connor and I.  He usually models all ties and bow ties for me, but today was asked to model his new shorts.  Of course, our deal is contingent upon a lollipop.  However, this go around he was insistent that he get to use the lolli as a prop.  What can I say? The kid's got negotiating skills.

Accomplishment #3:  Copycatting a pair of Gymboree shorts to make our own more sock monkey-ish pair.

One satisfied customer!

That's it for today.  It's time to tend to the mountain of laundry that needs folding and maybe a little time running through the sprinkler.


aka (Braggy McBraggerton)

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