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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning. Because I have to...

So, I'm feeling terrible admitting this, but I have a small problem with not putting things back where they belong in my studio space.  I know I should.  I tell my kids to put their stuff away.  I mostly keep the rest of the house (semi) picked up like it's supposed to be...but come on, I have four kids, go to school  have a shop, blah, blah, blah....

Confession time:  This is situation normal for my space.  Yup - I see it now and I think I belong on that hoarders show.  (Don't tell my sister, she'll call them on me!)

Sweet Stella is wondering why the gate is down and she can venture in to the crazy mess. 

You see, I have a few hobbies - sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, photography, collecting antiques, and the list goes on and on.  I have one room (so blessed) to put all my stuff in and it just never seems big enough to house all the treasures and supplies I *just might* need. 

So, what started this whole quest of cleaning up the studio space you might ask?  I stepped on a pin and almost cussed the loudest cuss anyone ever heard.  Yup.  My space hurt me.  It was time to do something about all this.

My dearest husband suggested I decide what I was keeping and what I wasn't (gasp)!  I told him that I had it under control and that I would see him in an hour (ha) and he needed to entertain the children.  He obliged and the mess commenced.  Wait - I am supposed to be cleaning.  Why is the mess getting worse???  Yeah, apparently that's how it work.

I'll spare you the looooong drawn out event and give you a sneak of my favorite part of my space - the fabric.  I used to keep all the fabric in bins, in the closet, or on the tables all around me.  Now, look!  The fat quarters are all neat and tidy in an unused repurposed shoe bin!  It's just like the "real" quilt store!

I also managed to shove that old cubby into the closet (thanks hubby) and snagged the IKEA cubby from the kitchen to make a home for all my yardage.  This was THE very first time hubby has ever seen all the glory that is my fabric.  He wowed appropriately and didn't even cringe - success!  :)

Now, there's a basket full of supplies to list in the shop, numerous bags of scraps to do something with, and an organized happy place for me to work.  (Anyone have projects they do with scraps?  A giveaway perhaps?)

After tomorrow's homework I'll be tackling the scrapbooking side of the room.  Any scrappers interested in kits?  I have a few left overs from classes I have taught.  

So - now that I've spilled the beans...what's your confession?  Do you keep your space all neat and tidy or is it a wreck like mine was?



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