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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sewing for Boys: You want me to make what?

I have three boys.  They always get the shaft when it comes to my sewing projects because, well, my boys ask for ridiculous things when I ask what they want me to make.  For instance, tonight I got yet another pattern for a dress for Stella (Browniegoose!) and then almost instantly felt bad because the boys are stuck with what little is in my repertoire for boys - ties, applique shirts, capes, and the occasional pair of elastic waist shorts.

You can buy this tie here (shameless plug).

So, me in an all my smartness asked Kristjan (7) what he wanted me to make him.  Without hesitating he replied "a full leather suit of armor."  I'm not kidding...a suite of armor.  What?  How in the world?  We then proceeded to check out leather armor on Google....which is NOT a good idea.  Apparently, leather armor is popular among a "certain" crowd.  Needless to say I understand what he's talking about and now have to find "dragon leather."  You would think he watches Game of Thrones or something (which obviously he does not!)

Tomorrow's task - draw out a pattern for leather armor to fit a 7 year old and find fabric that looks like dragon leather in the clearance bins!  I'm sure I'll be making a smaller set for Connor once he catches on to what I am constructing!  Wish me luck!

This is real deal handmade leather armor made by Karbanog...and what Kristjan wants.



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