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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dreaded Layout Drawer

I don't know about the rest of you, but I keep a layout drawer in my scrap room.  It is a drawer that holds ideas, unfinished pages, and layouts that I am just stuck on.  For today's torture, err, um, "challenge," I decided to tackle the layout drawer.  To my surprise, I found that I was creative along the way, but just needed a few finishing touches here and there as well as a new perspective. 

By no means have I found the bottom of the drawer (I know what's down there and I'm scared of it - more on that later), but I did finish up a few cute layouts in under an hour!  Woohoo!

I seriously added a sticker and the journaling. I have no idea what the hold up was with this page...

I remember stamping this and having it turn out all wrong.  I got out the markers and jazzed it up a bit.  This could have been the hold up.  One thing goes terribly wrong and sometimes it all just falls apart.

This one just needed a photo.  Sheesh!  I used StazOn Opaque Cotton White to get the title to be all ghosty.

Use scrap fabric and StazOn Ink to make cute, cheap embellishments!

I had cut out the wave and stuck it in the drawer, but didn't have anything else with sketches, no words, nothing.  So, I went with the flow and printed pictures from last weekend and with some buttons and polka dot paper, those two wonky waves turned into this two page layout!  It think it's my favorite.

I made a simple title with a white pen and some left over Thickers chipboard letters.

My favorite shot of the day.  

If you are stuck on a layout, just put it in the drawer and wait.  Let it simmer and in a week take it out again.  If it's still not ready, put it back.  If your drawer is overflowing like mine was, tackle it.  You just might find something that is completely different than what you put in.