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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 front of the camera?

I have been taking this class by Kara Haupt and her prompts over the last couple of days have been inspirational to me.  It's not just about getting to know my camera and my inner artists, but for me, this class is about getting to know myself.  Not an easy thing to do.  For so long now, I have been a mom, a wife, an Air Force dependant.  Somewhere in all of this clutter, sits the girl I used to be - or the girl I am, I suppose.  I find myself defining who I am by the other people around me and what my day consists of (which is poopy diapers and laundry in case you were wondering), and I have lost me. 

My first task was to take a self portrait. Now, if any of you are the photogs behind the camera, you know that we don't do so well in front of the camera.  Yeah...that was a challenge.  Not only did I have to get over my insecurities of not looking like a magazine cover, I also had to figure out how to be photographed without making stupid faces that were my version of a thick candy coating.  I am who I am and I expect to figure it out, or at least begin, this summer.  We'll see.  In an effort to show you the silliness that ensued in my quest for a self portrait - I share with you these "epic" oopses.  I hope you enjoy them!

And the one I finally decided on as my "real" self portrait...

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